Committee members of GISS and GES


Infant School
Both Glasgow
Rev. Dr. David Welsh (left Glasgow) J.C. Colquhoun Henry Dunlop
John Wilson* James Ewing Sir D.K. Sandford
Andrew Mitchell David Stow James Anderson
Dugald Bannatyne* William Crichton* Prof. Ramsay
Dr. Smyth* Andrew Tennant William Campbell
Dr. Brown* James Playfair* Rev. R. Buchanan
H. Haugh* William Collins* James Watson
Dr. Wardlaw* James Cleland (Honorary) Rev. Dr. Forbes
Dr. D.P. McFarlan* William Buchanan
Dr. Mitchell Rev. J. Gibson
G. Almond William Brown
W. Black John Leadbetter
Adam Gunn* Donald Cuthbertson
Patrick Falconer* Robert Freeland
Andrew Bannatyne Andrew McGeorge
Hugh Brown (Senior)* Rev. J.G. Lorimer
Hugh Brown (Jun.)* John Bain
John Wilson* (two Wilsons are given) Alexander Wardrop
Allan Buchanan* James Buchanan
William Wardlaw John Turner
Allan Fullarton* Rev. N. Paterson
George Burns James Wright
Alex McGregor William Wilson
James Deakin Rev. Andrew King
H. Langlands Richard Kidston
John McVey* Rev. James Henderson
Robert Moody
William Balfour

Note that by 1837, Chalmers and Welsh were more interested in the Edinburgh Sessional School. (Extract from the report of the meeting of the friends of John Wood, Esq. Edinburgh, 3rd March 1837 GUL Eph J/15)